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About MTF

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About Us

Medical Tourism Foundation is not for profit foundation for Medical Tourism industry.  In MTF we believe that everyone around the world should have access to global healthcare marketplace. Our mission is to educate consumers and provide transparency about options of having medical treatment done abroad.

We work with healthcare providers, government institutions to objective to provide transparent healthcare information and promote medical tourism around the world.

Medical tourism is a solution for patients tired of long waiting lists who seek more afforadable treatment options. What is more, treatment abroad in most cases provides better quality of treatment and wider choice of specialists.

Every day people travel abroad to perform plastic surgeries, weight loss surgery, dental treatment, orthopedic surgeries and many more.

Medical Tourism Foundation helps patients to prepare for what they would encounter abroad. Our foundation provides details regarding treatment cost around the world, hospital accreditaions,  flight connections, hotels and ground transport options. Medical tourism is most popular in the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy. We focus on patients from these countries, but we also help the people from all over the world.

Medical Tourism Foundation helps to connect patients with clinics. We work with vetted clincis that operate with highest standards and are prepared to serve foreign patients.

The most popular destinations for medical tourism today are: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Our mission

  • contacting patients with clinics outside their own countries,
  • assistance in organizing and financing operations and procedures carried out outside the country of patients;
  • supporting patient mobility;
  • cooperation and exchange of experience with clinics, hospitals and doctors as well as institutions in Poland and abroad;
  • conducting educational campaigns promoting health centers, hospitals, clinics and private offices;
  • conducting education about the economic situation and problems of the modern world
  • organizing and participating in conventions, symposia, courses, consultations, scientific and training meetings in the country and abroad;
  • publishing activities in the scope of implementation of statutory objectives;
  • supporting the conscious participation of European society in the public life of the European Union;
  • conducting research and analysis in order to evaluate the health care system;
  • conducting multicultural education;
  • running projects, trainings, workshops and competitions aimed at supporting medical tourism;
  • enabling and facilitating foreign patients to obtain appropriate treatment in the Republic of Poland;
  • conducting individual consultations in the field of consulting medical travel organizations;
  • cooperation with educational institutions, companies and non-governmental organizations from around the world, aimed at supporting patient mobility;
  • conducting activities to disseminate the European medical offer.

Registration details

Fundacja Medical Tourism Foundation
Domaniewska 39A, 02-672, Warsaw, Poland

REGON: 368915680
KRS: 0000707618

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

I agree to terms and conditions and privacy notice