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1.What exactly is medical tourism?

Medical tourism refers to situations when people living in one country travel abroad to undergo a medical, dental, cosmetic treatment or any type of surgery. The medical care is at the same level as in a home country, but the prices abroad are much more affordable. Medical tourism allows people to perform a high-standard and professional treatment and at the same time visit a new country and save much money. When people travel just to another city, state or region to perform the treatment, it is called a domestic medical tourism.

2. Is medical tourism safe?

Medical tourism is as safe when considered and approached carefully. There are agencies and companies helping people organize treatment, stay and flights, so people traveling for treatment abroad for the first time and to an unknown country would benefit from these agencies. Their services are usually free of charge. Undoubtedly, any medical treatment and surgery, regardless of the location, involves some degree of risk and complications. Hence, it is important to choose the proper clinic and an experienced, qualified doctor.

3. Which procedures are offered abroad?

There are two fields of medical tourism that are leaders among all treatments. These are plastic surgeries and dentistry. Regarding the former, people usually look for such surgeries as liposuction, breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, facelift and some less-invasive procedures like botox or fillers. Dentistry involves extensive works restoring the whole jaws. The popular treatments are implantation, especially all on 4 procedure, dentures and bridges, veneers, and crowns placement. In addition, in recent years, more and more people search also such procedures as hair transplant, bariatric surgeries or orthopedic surgeries.

4. What services are included?

Usually, medical tourism involves the organization of not only surgery or treatment, but also the stay in a given country. Patients have a chance to buy all-inclusive option covering a hotel stay, airport picks up and taxi transfers. Some agencies also book flights for patients, which makes medical tourism as simple as holiday booking.

5.What are the most popular destination for medical tourism?

Medical tourism is particularly popular in such countries as Great Britain, USA, Canada, Scandinavian countries and Germany. People from these countries use dollars, pounds or euro on a daily basis, and coming to a country with a favorable exchange rate makes their travel and treatment extremely cheap. The most popular destinations for people from the whole world are Poland, Hungary, and Turkey.

6. How much can I save?

On average, our patients are able to save even 50% of the money. The most profitable procedures are extensive dentistry treatments, such as all on 4 or all on 6 – they allow for saving even 70% of the money, and plastic surgeries, which in Poland can cost even 90% less than in the UK, USA or Norway.

7. Is it safe to travel after surgery?

You will always be informed when it will be safe to travel after the surgery or other treatment.

8. What to do if anything goes wrong during the surgery?

The success rate of surgeries and non-surgical treatments in Poland is extremely high! You can be sure that your clinic and doctor will meet up with your expectations. The doctor’s qualifications and experience minimize the risk of complications to even a greater extent. However, patients need to remember that each procedure involves some degree of possible risks and complications. If you feel that something is wrong after surgery, you should contact your clinic and doctor. Certainly, you will get advice what might happen and if the fault is on the doctor’s side, surely you will be compensated adequately.

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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