Patient guide

black girlIf you consider treatment abroad you may have a lot of questions. You are going to visit a foreign country. You know little about doctors and clinics abroad. We are aware, that you need a special care. We prepare for you a checklist you should go through before a journey. It may seem a lot but it is worth to look at it.

Before the treatment

  1. A patient may ask for advice his or her main doctor if there is a probability of a journey being a hazard to health.
  2. Take all your medical records with you but only those which are related to the disease treated. Usually, it is necessary to translate them into English. The medical travel provider will examine medical documentation from different angles. Due to this, the rate of complications dwindle and the success rate is considerable.
  3. Any type of treatment abroad involves stress, therefore if you have a chance to travel with somebody else it may be of great help before and after the organizing process.
  4. If a patient is willing to be provided with some aid regarding details associated with travel and procedure, he or she may contact with our medical travel facilitators and ask for assistance during the procedure.
  5. The Internet is a huge source of information, therefore there is no wonder that many people make use of it and search for medical facilitators there. We are able to send enquiries to the clinics even from abroad, make a comparison between them and decide which is the best.  All counts when it comes to the final decision, for example, info about the clinic, information on websites or social media, patients’ feedback and testimonials.
  6. In the process of determining which medical provider is the most suitable, patients should consider such factors as how a medical provider answers the questions and how long it lasts, how a medical offer is organized, and if the medical staff is able to communicate in a given foreign language.
  7. A patient should also be interested in if provider possesses accreditations from medical tourism associations and institutions which may assure of the quality of service. It is always possible to ask them for the most suitable healthcare provider.
  8. It is advisable for a patient to check if all costs are included in the price provided for the surgery. Low price may be misleading and after arrival, it may appear that there are some additional fees.
  9. It is always a good option to have a consultation with your surgeon before the procedure. A patient will be convinced that he made a good choice and the medical staff knows the issue.
  10. Travelling with insurance is of great convenience as it is usually inexpensive and really helpful in case something unexpected happens.
  11. Being informed who will assist you in the clinic and during your stay is an advantage and having their numbers is also beneficial.
  12. You can always ask your medical travel provider for a sample of an agreement and documents you will sign before the procedure

During stay abroad

  1. Information about diagnostics and treatment plan, all issues related to qualification, the scope of the procedure and possible complications after the treatment should be provided
  2. Patients and the people who arrive as companions should be secured that all the things the care provider guaranteed will be fulfilled.

After treatment

  1. Contact with the surgeon and a medical representative after the treatment is advisable. Sometimes there will be necessary to discuss some issues connected with aftercare on coming back home
  2. Medical discharge should be prepared in a proper language. If treatment is carried on at home the doctor should be provided with medical records prepared abroad
  3. In order for medical tourism industry be safe and reliable, testimonials should be shared by patients to provide some aid for those who plan to have their treatment performed abroad.
  4. Patents may benefit from the treatment abroad not only by improving their condition but they also have a chance to get accustomed with a foreign culture, discover new places and gather great memories.