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Select the right destination and clinic

doctors thumbs upWe can imagine how hard it is to choose and determine which clinic, which surgeon will be the best. We know that even the chose of the destination might be hard for the patient who has never been to Ukraine, Poland, or even Europe. For some medical tourism might be a part of holidays, many of you decide to mix holidays in Croatia with dental treatment. Some of you decide to start some minor treatment during the business trip. The other travel for treatment only and search for the cheapest options, which cover very low price flight tickets, cheap accommodation and reasonable price for treatment or surgery. Here are some tips and suggestions to think them over when choosing your medical tourism destination. It is crucial to find a balance between your needs, expectations, and budget.

Things to consider choosing destination

How expensive is it to stay?

The cost of staying abroad will determine the final cost of your treatment. It all depends on your budget. In central Europe the price for accommodation starts even from 20 GBP, the price is getting higher with the better standard. One night in 3-star hotel cost about 55 GBP for 2 people. The cheapest accommodation you can find in the hostel or one-star hotels. There are also many websites like Airbnb which offers affordable staying in private apartments. The price might be a bit higher if the breakfast is included, as well. You need to count it and decide which standard and which option would be best for you. The local cost of living will affect the final cost of your treatment as well. Many patients who stay longer than one week decide to book apartments with the kitchen to save on restaurants and going out.

What is the standard for the healthcare facilities?

Some countries might offer cheaper and very low prices due to lower hospital standard, because of lower facilities standard, or different techniques of treatment. In some countries price of surgery do not cover the stay in the hospital, the blood tests or general anesthetic. It is extremely important to check price details before making arrangements. Each clinic should provide patient with final details of reservation with final price elements included.

What are the tourist facilities like?

For patients who decide to perform dental treatment mixing some sightseeing, relax and dental treatment might be a perfect idea. As patients may easily go sightseeing after the short dental visit, or between them. It is important to choose the destination you will like. You may choose from warm or cold countries, seasides or mountains. It is all in your hands, you make the decision.

Things to consider choosing clinic

Are the doctors well-qualified?

Each clinic should provide patient with the doctor, surgeon resume on demand of patients. The patient should know which surgeon would be his doctor before coming to the foreign country. Nowadays, there are many websites with testimonials. It is worth to check them, google your surgeon, check his accreditations. In case that clinic is unwilling to prove surgeon qualifications, licenses or memberships, you should move on to another practitioner.
Also, you may check if your hospital or clinic is formally inspected and regulated by the relevant authorities in that country, for example, the government health ministry. You may always ask the clinic to send you such documents.

Does the clinic have experience?

If you are not sure about surgeon experience you may always demand personal consultation prior surgery. What is more, you may ask for the phone conversation, video consultation or any other contact to make sure that your surgeon is experienced and qualified enough. You can always ask for before and after photos, or photos of similar cases. Some clinics may provide you with phone numbers to previous customers so you can ask them anything regarding clinic, surgeon or treatment. Most importantly, ask about the price: what is included and what not, make sure there are no hidden costs.

Feel free to contact us, tell us your story, tell us your needs and we would love to suggest you best destinations and best clinics. With our foundation, you may receive a free personal consultation or free video consultation with a surgeon. We believe that our perfect standard and highly qualified experts are our best value.

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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