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Is treatment abroad for you?

girl with balloonsThanks to medical tourism you have the opportunity to save money and receive the best possible treatment without wanting months for it. Another great advantage of medical tourism is the opportunity to visit and explore another country while you are getting your treatment.
To make your decision you need to think hard about what you wish to have done and take into consideration all the pros and cons of this type of treatment, as it is not for everybody.
We prepared few points to help you make your decision about treatment abroad.

There are many ways in which you can find out more about treatment outside of your country such as:

  • Reviews posted on websites dedicated to medical tourism
  • Your friends or their friends that had such treatments abroad and would like to share their story
  • Media coverage of this topic as it is rapidly gaining media attention
  • Exhibition on medical tourism during health show

Below you can read about 3 reasons why you should decide to have the treatment done abroad!


1.Saving money

Treatment can be very expensive and sometimes it is difficult to afford some type of treatment that is important to us. Medical tourism is the solution for that problem! There are so many countries that can offer the highest standard of care with really affordable prices. It is worth looking into if you cannot afford certain treatments in your home country. Some eastern European countries for eaxmple can offer savings that can reach up to 70% in comparison to for example UK or USA prices.

2.High quality care

People who used the opportunity to go abroad for their treatment can tell you that facilities in clinics abroad can be as good or even better than in your country. The staff is very experience and the interior is modern and clean. In the clinic you will be treated equally to other patients and you will receive best possible care. Many countries spent a lot of money to improve their healthcare system and now they are looking to get something back by introducing medical tourism in their country. There are clinics created especially for foreigners that cater to their needs. Also, the staff is more friendly and accessible as sometimes surgeons or doctors give the patient their phone number to call in case of any questions. Clinics offer all-inclusive packages that cover flights, hotel and transportation for the patient and their companions to make the trip even easier than it already is!

3.Something new

As challenging as treatment abroad may sound, it can be a great experience! Who never imagined going into other countries and just seeing what they have to offer? Medical tourism can offer you this and more with its great option for getting an affordable treatment. It is a nice change from sad and depressing hospitals in your country, as you can have a private clinic somewhere abroad. Once you are there, you can uses your free time to see everything that is worth seeing and then you can go back to your scheduled treatment. If you are afraid of the logistics of this whole enterprise, we can promise you that you will never be left to mend for yourself. Patient advisers can book your flights, hotel or transport. You will not have to figure out how to get from the airport to the hotel – everything can be covered by customer care teams.

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