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What if something goes wrong?

Plastic surgeon PolandNumerous surveys and researches prove that people who travel abroad to perform treatments and surgeries are highly satisfied with the quality and standard of the medical care and service they receive. Yet, if you consider having the treatment done in a different country, you are strongly advised to gather and read as much information as possible so that you choose the best place to go.


The risks of medical tourism

The risks of medical tourism often depend on the location and place that you go to as well as the procedure itself. Below, you will find some problems that may be an issue:

  • communication abroad – if the clinic’s personnel or your doctor does not speak your language fluently, the degree of misunderstanding increases significantly
  • in some countries, given medications might be of a poor quality
  • the resistance to antibiotic has become a global problem, so you need to be careful about that
  • returning to your country too soon may increase the risk of blood clots.

How can you minimize the risk?

Any treatment, e.g. plastic or cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, orthopedic procedure or hair transplant involves some degree of complications and risk. However, there are some guidelines which may minimize the risk. We have gathered them below:

  • follow any recommendations from your doctor about ceasing smoking for a specific time before and after the procedure;
  • carefully plan the recovery and healing time from the practical point of view, take into consideration your work, family life, and daily activities
  • be flexible in terms of the budget, rarely it happens that patients need to book later flights or any unpredicted expenses occur
  • be aware of the changes in your body after the procedure so that you avoid panicking or unnecessary stress; you should know what to expect after the treatment
  • make sure that your general health is in a good condition and you do not have any medical issues; if you do, inform your doctor about them as early as possible
  • do research regarding your clinic and doctor, check their accreditations, reviews, testimonials, and certificate; it is important that you get the high-quality, professional and effective medical care
  • make sure that you have a written information or a document about which services are included in your price so as to avoid unnecessary and unexpected expenses
  • check if your doctor speaks your language or a language that you know, it will be vital for you after you arrive; if you do not speak the same language, ask for a translator or take someone who can help in that issue with you
    take any medical records and documents from your GP informing about any diseases or allergies you have; if you performed medical tests or any X-rays, you should also take them even if you have already sent the copies to the clinic
  • take the copies of the medications you take regularly, remember to have such information as brand name, manufacturer, and dosage of your medications
  • ask the doctor which activities you should avoid and for how long; sometimes, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, sunbathe, or exercise for some time
  • take the copies of medical documents from the clinic to your home.

Any immediate issues appearing after or during the procedure are solved during your stay in the clinic, nonetheless, you should inform your GP about them so that he can control your condition properly afterward. If any problems occur after you return home, you should immediately contact the clinic and your surgeon abroad and describe in details what happens or what is bothering you. Many clinics abroad cooperate with hospitals and healthcare providers in other countries, so you will be given the address where you get help in your country.

If you have more questions what should you do if something goes wrong, feel free to contact us. Our consultants will say you everything about risks and how to prevent them.

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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