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Medical tourism offers you a wide choice of procedures done abroad

Medical tourism offers you various treatment options. For example – treatment in Eastern Europe is more affordable than in UK or USA. People having treatment abroad can save up to 90% of treatment value. Below, you can find the most popular treatments done abroad.


Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is growing popular. All of us wants to have a perfect body. Having a good look, you feel more confident and your life is easier. Statistic shows, that 90% of women from the UK want to change something in their bodies. Most often chosen procedure done abroad is breast augmentation.  The aim of this surgery is improvement shape and fullness of breast. It could be achieved by inserting saline or silicone implants into the breasts. The other option is a fat transfer. Women willingly choose Brazil, South Korea and Thailand for having breast enlargement done. There this procedure is 70% cheaper than in the UK.

Dental Treatment

Many dental treatments in the UK cost a lot of money and they are not covered by NHS. People want to travel abroad to find cheaper treatment option. They want to also find a well-qualified doctor and modern equipment. No matter what was the reason for their teeth loss, they want to enhance an appearance. Dental implants, all-on-4, veneers or dental crowns make them smile more often. This kind of treatments in the UK is very expensive. For example, the all-on-4 costs 14 000GBP. It’s too much for an average Briton. But he can travel to Poland, Hungary or Mexico and pay less money for those procedures.

Hair Transplant

Balding is a nightmare of almost every middle-aged man. Fortunately, there a lot of clinics where they can have hair restoration done. Of course, this procedure is also helpful for women, which have partial hair -loss. Succes rate of this treatment is very high. 85-95% of transplanted roots will be new hair.  The top destination for a hair transplant in Turkey. The procedure in this country costs only 900 GBP. Turkey is undoubtedly a leader in hair transplant tourism. The experience of their physicians is probably the biggest in the world.

Bariatric surgery

This kind of treatment is dedicated to obese people. Sometimes diet and exercising are not enough to achieve good results. That is the moment when people need surgical help. A gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric band or gastric sleeve can help when obesity is dangerous for a health. After this procedure, people have to change their daily habits to maintain surgery results. If you are looking for affordable weight loss surgery you should check India, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, or  Costa Rica.


For those people, who don’t need bariatric surgery, but want to improve their body, liposuction could be a good solution. In this kind of surgery unwanted fat is removed from abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks or face. There is a big choice of liposuction techniques. In the simplest option a fatty tissue is destroyed by laser or ultrasound and next it can be removed easily. Everyone who wants to have an cost-effective liposuction choose South Korea, Thailand or Brazil as a destination.

Prices of treatment abroad are affordable

Probably you are looking for cheap treatment. Having surgery abroad you can save even 70% of treatment value. It is perfect to have well-done treatment at affordable price. That’s the reason why people travel abroad to have surgery abroad.

Below you can check prices comparison of treatment in Poland and in the UK:





1 400 GBP

2 700 GBP

Tummy Tuck

1 700 GBP

6 800 GBP


2 500 GBP

6 000 GBP

Breast Enlargement

2 100 GBP

4 500 GBP

Breast Implants Removal

1 300 GBP

2 100 GBP

Breast Lift

2 000 GBP

6 000 GBP

Gastric Balloon

2 000 GBP

5 700 GBP

Gastric Band

4 000 GBP

11 000 GBP

Gastric Bypass

4 000 GBP

10 500 GBP

Gastric Sleeve

4 000 GBP

9 000 GBP


800 GBP

3 000 GBP


1 800 GBP

3 000 GBP

All on 4

5 500 GBP

14 000 GBP

Dental Implants (without crown)

400 GBP

1 500GBP

Dental Bridge

200 GBP

600 GBP

Dental Veneers

300 GBP

600 GBP