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All On 4 Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

smile of old woman after all on 4The All on 4 procedure is an excellent treatment for toothless patients, or for patients who would like to extract remaining teeth and have full jaw replaced with new, perfect teeth. All on 4 works, as well, with patients who have some implants installed before, but they would like to restore rest of teeth with new prosthetic.

Who is a good candidate for all on 4?

A good candidate should have:

  • enough bone to install implant – in case patient has lack of bone dentist will provide you with bone graft, or sinus lift, if needed
  • good overall oral health
  • commitment to keep daily oral hygiene
  • commitment to perform yearly check-ups for implants

Who is not a good candidate for all on 4?

  • patient under 21 years old
  • pregnant women
  • heavily smokers
  • patients with blood disorders like hemophilia
  • patients with unregular sugar levels in the blood (diabetes)

Length of procedure

All on 4 is typically divided into two visits:

The first visit includes examinations like CT scan, dental check-up. With all results, a patient has the consultation with implantologyst, who advice implantation procedure, dental implant brand, the final cost of dental treatment. Then, if the patient is willing to perform procedure doctor installs implants and healing rings. For some patients, temporary bridge, or temporary denture might be performed, as well.

The second visit took place 6 months after implant installation. Patient must come abroad for 5 working days to complete prosthetic restoration on implants. Best would be coming on Monday and leaving on Friday.

All on 4 procedure

The all-on-4 concept requires the installation of 4 implants, implants are angled typically 30 to 45 degree from the bitting plane. Then, on the 4 implants doctor installs 14 unit bridge or 12 unit bridge based on implants. Dental restoration might be performed from porcelain fused to metal crowns, full porcelain crowns, zircon crowns. For all on 4 procedure are used only Premium implants, like Nobel Bio, Straumann, Premium 3i, or any other premium brand implants. All on 4 procedure provide patients with is non-removable, permanent teeth based on implants.

All on 4 prices

The price for all on 4 abroad starts from which is less than 5000 GBP. The procedure requires only 2 visits abroad. The first visit lasts 3 days, second visit 5 days. In the price are included: CT scan, 4 implants with healing rings and abutments, anesthetic, all implantologist consultations, permanent jaw restoration based on implants.

All on 4 advantages

  • usually, there is no need to perform bone graft or sinus lift
  • that is the economical procedure, the full arch of teeth is based on 4 implants
  • in some cases, all on 4 might be the 48h procedure

Temporary denture

The temporary denture is performed by composite or acrylic. Patients who have used standard dentures might still use them while osteointegration time.

Type of discomfort after all on 4 procedure

  • Swelling of your gums and face
  • Bruising of your skin and gums
  • Minor bleeding

Risks include

  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Inflammation

Back to work

Typically, a patient might return to daily routine 5 days after dental implant installation.


Each dental system has different time of guarantee, which is provided by the manufacturer. Typical the warranty time starts from 5 years till lifetime. For detailed information, you may check manufacturer website.

All on 4 abroad

The procedure will be safe and comfortable when you chose the best dentist. Medical Tourism Foundation will help you to find a well-qualified doctor. We will also arrange your stay abroad. Just contact us and we will do everything to organize your dental treatment abroad.

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