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Arm Lift Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

man after arm liftArm lift is also called brachioplastry by doctors. It is an operation performed to remove excess skin from under the arm area. It helps define arm shape, but can have also practical effect: it is much easier to function on a day-to-day basic without excess skin under arms. The procedure helps with performing tasks such as working, taking part in sports and so on.

Why arm lift?

The benefit of an arm lift is the ability to wear more fitting clothes. It is common for a person who lost a lot of weight to not be able to wear smaller sized blouses or jumpers just because of the shape of their arms. The arm lift can take care of that. The whole body looks slimmer after this procedure, as slim arms can make a big difference to body proportions (which is the harmony between the size of every body part). The arm lift can also improve day-to-day life as after this procedure You can finally move Your hands freely. It is worth knowing that after the procedure You don’t have to stay in the clinic.

Is it for You?

This procedure is for patients who lost skin elasticity because of weight loss, aging or after pregnancy. It is advisable to maintain a stable weight before the operation as a patient can be overweight (in overweight patients the results are not visible). You also have to refrain from smoking for at least two weeks before the planned operation, as it can increase the risk of complications.

How much is an arm lift (brachioplastry)?

It is common knowledge that this procedure can cost much less in Eastern Europe than in the Western countries. Of course, Eastern countries that are members of the EU have the same procedures and standards as Western countries do, so You don’t have to worry about the quality of the operation (in fact many Polish doctors work in Sweden, UK, and Germany as they are highly qualified).







1 200 GBP

60 GBP

180 GBP

1 440 GBP


1 500 GBP

70 GBP

200 GBP

1 770 GBP


1 500 GBP

100 GBP

180 GBP

1 780 GBP

Which medical tests do You need?

Before the arm lift, it is advisable to have recent:

  • blood morphology
  • APTT, INR,
  • sedimentation rate
  • serum glucose
  • urinalysis,
  • electrolytes levels
  • EKG (for patients older than 55 )
  • Hbs, HCV, HIV

How is it performed?

You will be under general anesthesia which will protect You from any pain. During the procedure, there will be a cut made from the armpit to the elbow in the inside area of the arm. If there is excess fat in there it can be also removed during this kind of operation. Afterwards, there will be stitches put and all will be over in around 2-3 hours.

How long will You stay abroad?

You have to stay abroad for a week because of preparation time and consultation after the procedure, but You don’t have to stay in the clinic in abroad even for one night after the procedure.

The results

The results are visible immediately and the final results will be shown after the healing process of about three months. The result can be visible for many years if You will not dramatically change Your weight again. If so the skin can again lose its elasticity.

Arm lift abroad

With our help, You don’t have to worry about details. We know the best clinics and surgeons abroad, so we will be happy to help You during Your decision. You will know the credentials of Your doctor before the procedure, so You can check his or her experience, education and opinion online as well as talking with the other patients. We can organize everything for You, or assist You if You know where abroad You would like to undergo this type of procedure.


Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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