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Breast Enlargement Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

girl measuring her breastBreast enlargement is not merely the procedure to give the patient a fuller bust. Sometimes it is to make breasts more even, give them better shape or support. It may help a patient with deep insecurities that ruin his life, or just be the way to make oneself more beautiful to herself and others. For patients after transgender procedure enlarging the breasts can be one of the most important factors to finally feel like a woman. In some sectors as an entertainment or modelling, it can be beneficial for a career.

What is breast enlargement definition?

This surgery is aimed to make breasts look bigger and/or fuller. It can be also performed on one breast if it, for example, is too small. Most popular breast enlargement techniques are to use saline or silicone implants. The size will be adjusted to Your needs and expectations. This procedure is performed around the world for decades now and it transformed many peoples lives for better.

Why consider it?

The most common effect is an improvement of a self-esteem, which may bring great benefit to personal as well as professional life. It may be a great choice for anyone who takes care of her body when the one thing that lacks is perfect breasts. This way You can finally feel like the best version of Yourself. It may be also a benefit after a big weight loss. Some patients experience that their breast is suddenly small and saggy. This procedure may reverse that.

Who can have it?

The perfect candidate should be in generally good health and have no serious medical problems. This procedure is, of course, performed only after 18th birthday. The person should also be mentally fit and have reasonable expectations about this procedure. Also patient cannot smoke for two weeks prior to the operation and for two weeks after, so it is best for nonsmokers or someone who can handle abstinence from tobacco.

How much is breast enlargement?

In the UK You can pay thousands of pounds for this kind of procedure, so if You are cost-aware, it is better to find a cheaper solution. It doesn’t matter that You have to decide on a compromise on quality as there are countries where you can have breast implants for much cheaper than in Your native country. Of course, it is inadvisable to risk health and go to any country outside of European Union, where regulations are different to what You are used to, and sometimes there are none.







2 400 GBP

60 GBP

170 GBP

2 630 GBP


2 200 GBP

70 GBP

200 GBP

2 470 GBP


2 150 GBP

100 GBP

180 GBP

2 430 GBP

How is it performed?

There are three ways to perform this procedure. All are made under general anaesthesia. First is to made incision around nipples. Second is to put implants from under the breasts, and the last one is performed from under the armpits. All have advantages. The best method will be chosen due to doctors decision and factors such as Your body type and implant type. Of course, You as well will have a say and all will be consulted with You before the procedure.

Before the surgery

You will be informed well before about the tests that are required. Usually, it will be all standard blood tests and one or all from this group: EKG, urine analysis, Hbs. Before the procedure, You will be advised not to take aspirin and other medications that may thicken the blood. Our Polish doctors are the best experts, so one of them will happily talk You through all the steps.

Breast enlargement abroad

We know that having breast enlargement is a big step in your life. Before this procedure, you have to know everything about risks and complications. You probably have a lot of questions. Feel free to contact us! Our friendly team will answer all of your questions.

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