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    Breast Lift Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

    enlarged breastBreast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy. It is an aesthetic procedure, which aims to improve the appearance of the breasts. The breast lift is an effective way to reshape and restore the look of sagging breasts, providing a youthful and more attractive outcome. The procedure is the best solution for patients not satisfied with the way their breasts changed due to the aging process or after huge weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Breast lift definition

    Simply put, the breast lift is a plastic surgery, which restores the desired shape, firmness and perkiness of the breasts. This aesthetic procedure removes the skin and breast tissue excess, raises and reshapes the nipple and areola, so it is placed in a frontal position.

    Benefits of breast lift surgery

    The main benefit of the mastopexy surgery is that the look of the breasts is enhanced and they are no longer saggy or droopy. After the procedure, the breasts are firm, tight, perfectly shaped and more attractive. The breasts will appear youthful and brighter, which has a great impact on women confidence and self-esteem. What is more, in the end, your whole silhouette becomes more proportional and body looks slimmer.

    Breast lift candidates

    The perfect candidate for a breast lift is a non-smoking woman, in a good overall health condition, with a stable weight. Other than that, a good candidate has sagging breasts, with volume and shape loss, or with nipples and areolas pointing down, which may be a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or, simply, aging.

    Breast lift prices

    Poland and Turkey are the perfect destination for a breast lift surgery abroad. On average, the cost of a breast lift in Poland is 1900 GBP euro. In comparison, the cost of a mastopexy in the UK is 4200 GBP, while in Norway it is even 4800 GBP.
    The price of the surgery in Poland includes all consultations and checkups, medical tests, anesthesia, the night in the clinic and, of course, the surgery itself. Fortunately, these cheap prices go together with the skilled and professional surgeons, high-standards of the clinics and equipment, as well as an excellent organization of your whole stay abroad.







    1 900 GBP

    60 GBP

    180 GBP

    2 140 GBP


    2 000 GBP

    75 GBP

    200 GBP

    2 275 GBP


    1 600 GBP

    110 GBP

    200 GBP

    1 910 GBP

    Breast lift procedure

    The breast lift procedure is done under general anaesthesia. During the surgery, surgeon starts with making incisions. The placement of the incisions depends on the type of the surgery, what are patient’s individual expectations and what needs to be improved, so they can be done around the areola or on the breast creases. Once the cuts are made, the surgeon removes excess skin, lifts and reshapes breast tissues and changes the nipples position. When the perfect result is achieved, doctor closes the incisions, usually using dissolvable stitches.

    Before the breast lift surgery

    At least 6 weeks before the breast lift surgery it is advised to quit smoking. You should also stop the intake of any medication containing aspirin and anti-inflammatory meds 2 weeks before the procedure. The reason is, that they may increase future bleeding risk. Also, 2 weeks before the surgery, you should avoid drinking alcohol and taking long, hot showers.

    Required medical tests

    Just like before any surgery, medical tests need to be performed before the breast lift. The required tests include:

    • blood group
    • blood morphology
    • urine analysis
    • serum glucose
    • SR (sedimentation rate)
    • coagulogram (APTT, INR),
    • electrolytes levels
    • HBs, HCV, and HIV
    • EKG (for patients over 55 years old)

    Length of breast lift procedure

    The length of the breast lift procedure depends on its scope, the technique used and how complex it is. The average time of the surgery is 1 to 3 hours. However, it may also take longer, if the breast lift is combined with other plastic surgery, for example, breast enlargement with implants.

    Type of anesthesia

    Breast lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. That is why, a patient needs to stay one night in the clinic, following the surgery. However, if the surgery is not extensive and requires only few small incisions, the procedure may be performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The decision on the type of anesthetic used is in the hand of the surgeon.

    Stay in the clinic

    As mentioned above, if the surgery is done under general anesthesia, you are required to stay one night in the clinic. In cases, where the breast lift is done under local anesthesia, a patient can leave the clinic safely the same day.

    Minimal stay for breast lift abroad

    We require at least 6 days stay abroad. On your first day, you will have the medical tests performed. The second day is reserved for the consultation and the surgery, this is also the day when you stay the night in the clinic. For the next 3 days, you will rest at the hotel and recover. On the last day, you will have the check-up with your doctor, after which you can safely fly back home.

    Back to work

    After undergoing a breast lift surgery abroad you can come back to work within 2 weeks. However, remember to avoid any strenuous activity or exercises for additional 2-3 weeks.

    Breast lift results

    Breast lift results can be seen almost immediately after the surgery. Nevertheless, during the recovery time, which usually takes 5-6 months, the breasts will keep forming into the final shape. What is more, your bra size can change – for a smaller one. It can happen, as the breasts will be lifted, more round and firm. The scars after the incisions will fade gradually, and in the end will be hardly visible. Breast lift surgery is highly effective and safe. It notably enhances the look of breasts. On the other hand, you should remember that the surgery cannot stop the aging process, so over time your breasts may become saggy and less elastic, but that is completely natural. You can make sure that the breast lift results last longer if you keep a balanced diet and maintain a stable weight.

    After the breast lift surgery

    You can expect that for around 2-3 days after the breast lift surgery, your breasts may be numb and sore. You can also experience some level of pain, but you will be prescribed proper medication, which will help alleviate it. For several days after the surgery, you will wear a special compressions garment. Additionally, a special surgical bra should be also worn for a couple of weeks or months, depending on your doctor’s recommendations. You should avoid any demanding activity and just rest for about a week. After 2 weeks, you can come back to work. You should also remember to continue regular self-examinations and check-ups with the doctor for a breast cancer.

    Breast lift risks and complications

    Of course, as with any other surgery, the breast lift may come with some risks and complications. Some patients experience bleeding, infections, scarring or numbness, as the tissues around the nipples can become less sensitive. You should be aware of that, however, the complications are not very common.

    Breast lift abroad

    Breast lift abroad is a perfect choice for women from all around the world. We are offering our patients the best prices, high standards, skilled surgeons, flawless organization and special travel packages. We can cover your hotel stay, with breakfasts included, and all of the transport during your stay. Feel free to contact us, in case of any questions!

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