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Dental Bridge Abroad -treatment, cost, before and after

smiling girl with dental bridge A dental bridge is designed to restore two or more teeth in the row. With dental bridge patient may improve chipped and worn teeth or may get fid of the gap in the smile. The dental bridge is more affordable and quicker alternative for dental implants. Dental bridge procedure is not permanent but results last at least 15 years.

Dental bridge is a stable and durable solution

A dental bridge is almost a permanent solution, as teeth restoration last more than 15 years, providing you with the beautiful smile. Patient with the dental bridge should follow regular checkup at the dentist to avoid any gum inflammation or bacterial infection, that way patient may benefit from the bridge for over a decade.

It takes only one trip abroad to have the dental bridge done!

Dental bridge procedure is very quick, to complete your bridge treatment you should come abroad for only 5 days. The best would be coming on Monday and leaving on Friday. For those who cannot stay 5 days abroad, we may offer two one-day visits while weekends to complete the procedure. To complete procedure doctor needs to collect patient’s teeth impressions, send them to the prosthethic lab, and fit them and install.

Important information regarding dental bridge procedure abroad

Number of trips abroad

Only one trip for 5 days or two trips while weekend for one day.

Stay abroad

To complete bridge dentist needs 5 working days between taking impressions and collecting them from the prosthetic laboratory.

Duration of procedure

While staying abroad patient will have the consultation with the dentist, X-rays performed, impressions taken. That will happen while the first visit, which may last up to 3 hours, it depends on how large the bridge would be. The second visit will include bridge installment, the dentist will glue it, which will last 2 hours.


This procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Healing time

There is no healing time. The patient may suffer from inconvenience like tooth sensibility for one month.

Dental bridge feels and looks natural

The best part of the dental bridge is the fact that well performed dental bridges looks as if natural teeth. Dental bridges might be performed with different materials. The best is zircon, the most durable, the most natural premium material which is metal free. Another option there is porcelain, porcelain bridge is very natural but it is more likely to break. The most affordable is porcelain fused to the metal bridge which is recommended for back teeth. After some time, the metal which is hidden inside porcelain fused to metal bridge might be visible.

Dental bridges are the perfect alternative to other treatments

Dental bridge ma easily replaces dental implants or dentures. With the dental bridge, you may restore full arch of your teeth. What is more, sometimes the dental bridge is an alternative to dental veneers, the patient with bite problems are recommended to use bride rather than veneers as effects will last longer.

Prices abroad are affordable

Poland has become one of the most frequently visited country for dental treatment. The reason why patient travel to Warsaw, Krakow is simple, Poland offers affordable prices combined with high standard. Our best professionals take care of foreign patients to come across their needs and expectations. The price for one unit bridge starts from 200 GBP, which is 60% less than in the UK or in Germany, where the standard price for bridge starts from 600 GBP.

Dental bridge abroad

If you want to learn more about dental bridge abroad, feel free to contact us. Our helpful consultant will say you everything about this procedure. Of course, we will help you with organizing your trip abroad.  We can find good filght for you and arrange taxi transfer and accommodation. With Medical Tourism Foundation, you don’t have to care about anything!

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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