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Dental Crowns Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

girl showing her smileA dental crown is a solution for someone who has a tooth, but it is decayed or damaged. Instead of undergoing costly and painful dental procedure (which sometimes it already impossible) You can have a crown that will imitate natural shape, material and colour of the teeth. It looks better than damaged tooth, but also it protects it. So if Your teeth are decayed, Your dentist may suggest dental crown to You even if You don’t look to change Your appearance.

Dental crowns – definition

The dental crown can be regarded as a cap that is placed in front of the natural tooth, to act as its restoration. Every crown is made especially for the patient, so its shape will be much as the shape of natural teeth. The type of crown is chosen based on the price You are willing to pay for it, as well as purpose and dentist decision. There are metal crowns which don’t chip or break but doesn’t look as natural. It can be recommended for Your back teeth which are not visible. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are most popular because it looks exactly like a real tooth. They tend to chip and break, but usually, it is possible to maintain them for years in a good shape with the proper care. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are great too as they look exactly as a real tooth, although it is easy to break them, so this is for someone who lives very carefully. Some dentists still use resin crowns, which wear down quickly and chip, but are not expensive. It is a good option for a short period, for example, if You can’t afford better crowns now, but will be able in near future.

Who is a candidate for the dental crowns?

Problems with teeth are not reserved for people of old age. Sometimes it may occur because of a health condition, bad diet or many other factors. Nowadays there are more and more young adults or even children with decaying tooth as a result of sugary diet. So now it is common for even young patients to ask about dental crowns and most of the doctors thinks that it is better to install them sooner than later. Dental crowns are great for people who are not satisfied with their smile, as it can quickly restore confidence. To undergo this procedure from the technical point of view You must have some teeth, so there is a structure to support the crown, but at the same time teeth are damaged so much, that You have to or wish to cover them. It is a better solution than veneers for people who have biting problems, as it lets to bite food.

How much is dental crown abroad?

You may know already that dental crown prices in Great Britain can be very high. Instead of paying thousands of pounds, You can decide on affordable dental crowns for example in Poland. The cheapest metal crown will set You back just 133 GBP. At the same time, the materials are from as reputable producers as the ones used in the UK, and the doctors have same qualifications.

How is it performed?

To have Your dental crowns installed You will have to schedule 2 visits with Your doctor plus consultation. The first dentist will talk to You about Your situation and what will fit best Your needs, as well as costs. Then he will prepare Your teeth model on which the crowns will be based.Then Your crowns will be put into place. All in all, it will require for You to stay at least 5 working days in Poland. There are some clinics, that do all of this during just one day. Let us know if you have any further questions.


Dental crowns abroad

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