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    Gastric Sleeve Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

    slim and fat womenGastric sleeve is the most popular surgery helping people with obesity lose weight. The procedure involves removing the part of the stomach and creating a quite long pouch which joins the small intestine and the esophagus. After this surgery, patients are filled up faster and eat much less food, which results in a regular weight loss.

    Gastric sleeve – benefits

    • the passage of food remains intact
    • the surgery is minimally invasive
    • help cure such diseases as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and Diabetes, and other diseases caused by obesity
    • the scars are invisible
    • patients do need to take special supplements or vitamins after surgery


    Candidates for gastric sleeve

    A good candidate for gastric sleeve abroad has BMI equalling or exceeding 35. However, if your BMI is lower, but you suffer from health problems because of your weight, you can also have the surgery. Candidates must not be drug or alcohol addicted and need to be of sound mind. As for any other bariatric surgeries, candidates need to have realistic expectations regarding the results and be aware that the surgery is only the first step to losing weight.

    The price of gastric sleeve

    The prices for gastric sleeve vary depending on many factors. One of them is the location – the prices differ from country to country mainly due to the differences in an exchange rate. Hence, the price of the gastric sleeve in Poland is much lower than in other European countries. Many a time, the gastric sleeve can be covered by insurance, so you need to check it when you consider having this procedure in Poland. Below, you have a gastric sleeve price comparison:







    4 400 GBP

    60 GBP

    180 GBP

    4 460 GBP


    7 500 GBP

    100 GBP

    180 GBP

    7 780 GBP

    Gastric sleeve – procedure

    Before gastric sleeve

    You need to have a liquid diet for 2 weeks before gastric sleeve surgery. It is the time when your liver shrinks, which makes the surgery much safer. You will also have medical tests performed before the procedure and you will consult your surgeon. During the consultation you may ask the surgeon any questions, you should also inform him about any health problems or your concerns regarding the surgery.

    Required medical tests

    • abdominal ultrasound
    • CBC
    • BUN (blood urea nitrogen)
    • creatinine
    • electrolytes
    • TSH
    • cortisol
    • cardiac catheterization
    • chest x-ray
    • EKG
    • pap smear
    • pelvic ultrasound
    • pulmonary function tests

    Gastric sleeve procedure – length: 1-2 hours

    Anesthesia: general

    Stay abroad: 7 days

    Stay in the clinic: 2 days

    Returning to work: after 7 days

    The results of gastric sleeve

    After the surgery, the size of your stomach is significantly reduced, as a result of which you eat much less and lose weight. Patients are able to lose even 70% of the excess weight. During the first 5-6 months, you will lose the greatest amount of weight. It is vital to remember that it is only up to you how much weight you will lose, the gastric sleeveĀ  will just set the ball rolling.

    After gastric sleeve abroad

    After the gastric sleeve surgery, the hunger hormone will almost disappear from your body. You will have a liquid diet rich in protein for 2 weeks, you also need to remember to stay hydrated and drink even 2 liters of water a day. You should avoid carbonated beverages, sweet food, and caffeine. The size of your meals will be much smaller than before the surgery, and you need to learn to eat slowly and chew thoroughly. You should also start the physical activity just after the surgery. Firstly, you should take short walks, and week after a week increase the time and intensity. Of course, you will be given all detailed instructions by your surgeon before leaving the clinic.

    Possible risks and complications

    Like all other surgeries, gastric sleeve involves some possible risks. Still, it is regarded as one of the safest procedures.

    The complications after the surgery may involve:

    • infections
    • deficiency in vitamins, e.g. B12, D, zinc, iron
    • blood clots
    • leaks at a staple line

    Gastric sleeve abroad

    If you consider having a gastric sleeve abroad, you should come here for 1 week. You will spend 2 days in the clinic because the surgery is performed under general anesthetic. After you leave the clinic, you will rest in a hotel. These days spent abroad are vital because the surgeon will be able to assess whether the surgery ended in success when you still will be abroad. Before you return home, you will have a control visit, during which the surgeon will tell you all details about the recovery period. The few days after your surgery, you could devote to sightseeing, walks and non-tiring activities. Do not hesitate to contact Medical Tourism Foundation to find out more about your cheap gastric sleeve abroad!

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