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    Gastric Balloon Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

    gastric balloon resultsGastric balloon (known also as an intragastric balloon) is a special tool used to help people suffering from obesity. The gastric balloon is put in the patient’s stomach and it’s goal is to fill it so that there is less place for the food. Consequently, the patient eats less and feels full sooner.

    Gastric balloon candidates

    A good candidate for a gastric balloon procedure has a BMI (body mass index) between 27 and 35. Also, a patient must be over 18 years old, be in an overall good physical and mental health.
    In some cases, candidates are recommended the gastric balloon treatment to lose some weight before more serious surgery, to reduce it’s possible risks

    Benefits of gastric balloon surgery

    • Weight loss
    • Fast and very safe procedure
    • Non-surgical procedure
    • Anesthesia is not required
    • Quick recovery
    • Cheaper than other weight loss procedures
    • Type 2 diabetes remission
    • Reversible procedure

    Gastric balloon prices

    The cost of a gastric balloon is different, depending on the destination and region. In the UK or Germany, the procedure is very expensive and for exaple, Poland is known for cheaper gastric balloons. Typical insurance does not cover this type of procedure, however, you should get in touch with your insurance provider, to check for sure. The cost of a gastric balloon performed in Poland includes all medical tests, consultations, the procedure itself, check-ups, diet plan and any help needed during your stay.







    1 300 GBP

    60 GBP

    180 GBP

    1 540 GBP


    3 600 GBP

    100 GBP

    180 GBP

    3 880 GBP

    Before the gastric balloon surgery

    Before the gastric balloon procedure, you will meet your doctor and have a consultation, which is already included in the surgery cost. During the consultation, you will be able to ask your doctor all the questions and will receive the details on the procedure. Also, before the procedure, you will have the medical tests performed. Remember, that you should inform your doctor about all specific health conditions or diseases you suffer from. 48 hours before the procedure you need to be on a puree (soft food) diet. 12 hours before the procedure you should not eat anything and reduce the liquid intake.

    Required medical tests

    • abdominal ultrasound
    • pelvic ultrasound
    • cortisol
    • colonoscopy
    • creatinine
    • blood count (CBC)
    • blood urea nitrogen (BUN)
    • electrolytes level
    • prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
    • cardiac catheterization
    • chest X-ray
    • echocardiogram
    • electrocardiogram (EKG)
    • flexible sigmoidoscopy
    • mammogram
    • pap smear
    • pulmonary function tests

    Gastric balloon surgery

    Length of gastric balloon procedure: 15 to 30 minutes

    Type of anesthesia: sedation

    How gastric balloon is done:
    The gastric balloon procedure is not a surgery. A doctor is inserting the balloon with the use of an endoscope through the patient’s throat, which is numbed with a special spray, for the time of the procedure. Then, the balloon will be filled with saline solution or gas.

    Stay in the clinic: not needed

    Minimal stay for gastric balloon abroad: 7 days
    Back to work: 7 days

    Gastric balloon results

    The gastric balloon has to be taken out of the stomach after (at maximum) 6 months. In general, we can say that after 3 months patients typically lose 15% of their excess weight. Most patients get rid of 30% of excess weight after 6 months. The gastric balloon can definitely change your life, but the final results are highly dependant on you. You have to remember to eat less, eat healthily and exercise. In cases, where patients do not follow the recommended lifestyle, they usually regain the weight.

    After the gastric balloon surgery

    After the gastric balloon procedure, you have to maintain a healthy diet and be active. However, you have to avoid heavy lifting for about 2 weeks following the procedure. On the other hand, you should start walking as soon as possible. Often, buying pedometer is recommended to the patients and walking from 10000 to 12000 steps daily. After one month you can get back to sports. After the procedure you should also remember to drink 1,5 liters of water daily, at a minimum, eat small portions 5 times a day and follow any other of your doctors’ recommendations.

    Gastric balloon risks and complications

    Gastric balloon is commonly known to be a very safe procedure. However, as with any surgery, some risks or complications may occur. When the balloon is inserted or removed, bleeding or perforation can happen. Also, for the first weeks following the procedure, you can experience some level of gastric discomfort, vomiting or nausea. If any pain occurs or you would notice a change in your urine color (green or blue), you should contact your doctor immediately.

    Gastric balloon procedure abroad

    We are cooperating with the best specialists abroad. Our clinics use modern equipment and the materials of the highest quality, and of course work according to the worldwide standards. If you would like to undergo the gastric balloon procedure abroad, take a week off and we will organize everything for you, including the travel and accommodation. If you would like to receive more details, feel free to contact our Team, they are here to help you!

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