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    Labiaplasty Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

    girl on a beachLabiaplasty is a plastic surgery that aims to reduce shape and size of the labia minora or majora. The main goal of this surgery is to remove some defects and to improve the appearance of a vulva. This surgery gained more interest in the last decade, as more and more women are interested in improving their looks.

    Best candidate for labiaplasty

    Any women who feel that the look of their labias is not satisfactory, then the surgery is for them. This procedure can improve their self-worth and self-esteem. Apart from improving the looks, this surgery can improve the sensations as well. If you feel discomfort while having sex or cycling, then the sure can help you.

    Type of anesthesia

    Labiaplasty is done with local anesthesia and seduction. This is the best option as it offers fast recovery and minimizes the risks of the procedure. However, if the patient is afraid of doing it with local anesthesia, she can speak to the surgeon about having general anesthesia.

    Length of labiaplasty surgery

    The procedure usually lasts for 1-2 hours, depending on the range of the procedure. If the patients want to have smaller alterations made, then the procedure will be quicker.

    Required medical tests

    As before any other surgery, you should have blood tests performed to ensure you are in good health. The tests required are:

    • blood group
    • morphology
    • electrolytes
    • urine analysis
    • serum glucose
    • APTT, INR
    • HBs, HCV, HIV

    Labiaplasty – procedure

    If the procedure is done by an experienced surgeon, it is a very quick and easy surgery. The surgeon will choose the incision site very carefully, to hide the scars as much as possible. The procedure is done using one of two methods:

    edge resection technique, which involves trimming of tissue from the edges of labia; it is a very precise technique that ensures natural appearance
    central wedge resection technique, which involves cutting out a part of labia and later stitching these two parts together


    The procedure offers quickly visible results. Labiaplasty offers reduction and reshaping of both labias. After the procedure, the look of the area is improved than can improve women self-esteem and sexual life. Another advantage of this procedure is the fact that it can also help women get rid of existing discomfort in that area.

    Stay in the clinic

    After the procedure, you will stay in the clinic for few hours to rest. During the procedure, the surgeon uses dissolvable stitches, so there is no need to come back to have the stitches take off. You can leave the country even few days later if you feel good.

    Minimal stay abroad

    You should come abroad for at least 6 days to have the surgery safely performed. On the first day, the consultation takes place and the patient has blood tests performed. The second day is all about the surgery and rest. Few days after the procedure you can go back home if there are no complications. Before you leave the surgeon will do a final check-up and give you a green light.

    Labial reduction – risks and complications

    As any other surgery, labiaplasty can carry some risks such as:

    • bleeding
    • bruising
    • infections
    • labial asymmetry
    • nerve damage

    After labiaplasty surgery

    Few days after the procedure you might still feel sore and bruised. However, the feeling will be gone after few more days. The pain might also occur during passing urine, so do not worry. To help with the situation follow your surgeon’s instructions such as keeping hydrated, taking your painkillers and medications.

    Labiaplasty recovery

    For the first week after the surgery, you will be wearing special panties as a form of protection. For the next four weeks, you cannot wear tampons and tight underwear or clothes. Also, you should avoid exercising as you should rest. The patient should also restrain from sexual activity for six weeks after the surgery.

    Back to work

    Due to doing the surgery under local anesthesia, the recovery time is very short. Patients can usually go back to work after a week post operation. Recovery time is an individual matter, but if you follow your surgeon’s instruction then you should be fine very quickly.

    Benefits of labiaplasty

    After the surgery, most women feel instant self-esteem boost, as they know that they have done something for themselves. The surgery will only make the appearance of labia better and it will not have any impact on skin elasticity.

    Labiaplasty price

    The price for this procedure can vary in different countries. However, the most expensive countries are UK, USA, Germany. Thankfully there are destinations that can offer more affordable prices. Poland is one of this countries and it not only offers great prices but also a lot of experience and high standards. In of Polish clinics, the price for labiaplasty starts from 400 GBP.







    400 GBP

    60 GBP

    60 GBP

    520 GBP


    900 GBP

    70 GBP

    60 GBP

    1 030 GBP


    1 000 GBP

    100 GBP

    60 GBP

    1 160 GBP

    Labiaplasty abroad

    Getting this surgery abroad is the best solution available!For example, Poland can offer you lower prices than most European countries without losing the high standard. Polish clinics and modern, well-equipped and they hire surgeons with international experience. Not only the surgery is done in the best way possible, but also customer care. Patients are taken care of from the moment they land in Poland. Private cars, booked hotels, English speaking staff – these are only few things Poland has to offer to patients from abroad. If you are interested in coming abroad for your labiaplasty surgery, then contact our patient advisers and ask them about the lowest price and all-inclusive package.

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