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Lipectomy Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

woman measuring her bellyWhen we think about dieting most of us imagine it is a hard process with a great reward in terms of effect: beautiful body. In reality, it doesn’t always look like this. For many people losing weight is just a first step towards the beautiful body. After wearing a large size for a long time it is possible that the skin adjusts to that. When a person is losing weight, skin is already stretched so it can’t shrink to the new body size. The effect is usually saggy skin that sometimes covers the effects of the diet. That is why lipectomy is such a popular solution for people who have lost a lot of weight.

Lipectomy or body lift is specific kind of plastic surgery designed to improve body contours and proportions by removing excess skin, fat and tissue. Usually, it is performed on hips, waistline and back, but there are patients who require lipectomy from legs or stomach area. You may choose certain procedure such as back lipectomy or hips lipectomy, have a few of them or ask Your doctor about recommendations in Your case.

Benefits of lipectomy surgery

Many patients experience, that body doesn’t look as they would hope for right after the slimming process (either way liposuction or natural dieting). They see the full results only after lipectomy when the excess skin is removed. In many cases, it lets them finally enjoy swimming suits, tight clothes and activities, which were not possible with so much excess skin. This results in greater confidence and better approach to oneself and others. Sometimes it takes barely waist lipectomy to look one or two sizes smaller. Ask your doctor if he can show You some visuals of the predicted effect, or maybe examples of surgeries already performed which resulted in a great change to the appearance. Often elder patients think that their body must look in a certain unappealing way, and they discover the difference just after this procedure.

Who can qualify?

This procedure is meant to both male and female patients on almost every stage of life, although above 18 years old. Candidate must have healthy BMI and healthy lifestyle with weight stabilized for a few months before. There are few diseases that prevent from having the procedure, such as infections, diabetes or heart conditions, as well as severe alcohol, drug or tobacco use (You should quit cigarettes a few weeks before).

How much is it?

You will get the full cost analysis from Your doctor on the first meeting, as it depends on the number of areas with excess skin, as well as the volume of skin to be removed. This procedure can be quite costly in countries such as France, UK or Sweden, so it is important to know that if the quoted price is too high for You, it doesn’t mean that You can’t undergo this surgery. There are European countries with much more reasonable prices, and a perfect example is Poland. Contact us to get more info about the pricing.

Before the surgery

Before You will be checked by a doctor, who will take You through procedure, costs and preparations. You will also be asked to have results of recent blood tests, as well as a urine analysis and EKG if you are more than 55 y. o.

During the procedure

This procedure is done under the general anaesthesia. It will take a total of 5-8 hours to remove excess skin.

After the procedure

It will be required to stay in the clinic for at least 1 day after the procedure so a doctor can check Your health. All in all Your stay in Poland will take 7 days and after 7-14 days after the operation, You can be back at work. The interesting thing about this sort of operation is that the result is up to the patient. If he will maintain his healthy lifestyle, diet and weight, the result will be permanent. Any changes to weight and slipping back into old habits may result in skin stretching, which after the next diet will result in sagging skin.

Lipectomy abroad

If you want to more about having lipectomy done abroad, just contact Medical Tourism Foundation. Our team is very friendly and have a big knowledge. We will inform you about this procedure, risks and results. We can also hepl you in organising your stay abroad.

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