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    Liposuction Abroad- treatment, cost, before and after

    liposuction resultsWhile speaking about the most popular plastic surgeries around the world, liposuction should definitely be marked as one of the most frequently chosen among patients. Especially patients from abroad commonly go with it, as it is very affordable and safe. If you would like to get to know more about liposuction abroad – this article is addressed to you.

    Liposuction definition

    Liposuction is a plastic surgery that helps to remove the excess fat, especially if accumulated in areas that are stubborn to any other methods. It can be performed on various body parts. During one session, it is possible to remove up to 3 liters of fat. Thank that procedure, it is possible to shape your body, provided that there is no obesity present. Liposuction is recommended for patients that are rather slim but have some areas that can be improved by removing fat.

    Benefits of liposuction surgery

    Liposuction surgery can be beneficial in many ways, not only in removing excessive fat. It also leads to weight loss as during one session up to3 liters of fat is being removed. Most of the patients go down even up to 2 sizes after the procedure. What’s more, fat distribution is decreased after the surgery. Many patients also indicate the reduction of cellulite.

    Liposuction candidates

    Liposuction abroad is very popular among patients from all over the world. However, not everyone can be qualified for the surgery. A perfect patient for affordable liposuction abroad should have one defined area of the fat deposit. He or she should not weight more than 30 pounds and has a high elasticity of the skin. If you are generally in good health condition and do not suffer from serious diseases such as diabetic or obesity – you are a good candidate for liposuction surgery.

    Liposuction prices

    While this kind of procedure might seem to be very expensive in most of the countries, we are fully concerned that it is highly affordable abroad. The prices depend on body part but generally start from 1500 GBP. If you would like to combine it with another body part, each part ( back, love handles, ankle, thighs, buttocks, hips) may cost from 500 GBP.







    1 400 GBP

    60 GBP

    240 GBP

    1 700 GBP


    850 GBP

    75 GBP

    160 GBP

    1 085 GBP


    1 500 GBP

    100 GBP

    240 GBP

    1 840 GBP

    Liposuction procedure

    The procedure itself is performed under spinal or general anesthesia. Firstly, your surgeon will make a small incision through which he will insert a small suction tube. He will then use the device to remove the fat from beneath of your skin. After the surgery, you would be asked to wear a special pressure dress that will prevent the skin from moving. It will help to maintain the effect of the procedure. It should be worn by the patient for approximately 7 days. If you would like to, you can ask your surgeon to combine the surgery with fat transfer, as most of the patients do.

    Before the liposuction surgery:

    -Necessary blood tests will be performed
    -You should refrain from smoking for at least 2 weeks
    -infections are not welcomed
    -ibuprofen and aspirin should not be taken as they impair the process of blood clotting
    -Refrain from drinking alcohol 3 days before the surgery
    -Do not intake food or drinks 8 hours before planned procedure

    Required medical tests

    • blood group
    • blood morphology
    • urine analysis
    • coagulogram (APTT, INR)
    • serum glucose
    • electrolytes levels
    • HBs, HCV, HIV
    • SR (sedimentation rate)
    • Ekg (only for patients older than 55 y.o.)

    Length of liposuction procedure: Liposuction procedure can take from one up to two hours depending on the extension of the area that needs to be improved.

    Type of anesthesia: It is done under general anesthesia what means you will not be conscious and will not be able to feel anything.

    Stay in the clinic: There is no need to stay in the clinic more than one night.

    Minimal stay for liposuction abroad: You would be probably asked to stay from 6 up to 8 days abroad.

    Back to work:
    If your job does not require any heavy lifting you can go back to work even after a week after the surgery.

    Liposuction results: With proper care, the result of the surgery can be permanent.

    After the liposuction surgery

    There are a few things you can do after the surgery to accelerate healing process. First of all, try to stick to healthy diet and drink a lot of water. Pressure garment should be worn for 7 days to make sure that te the result of the surgery will be upheld. Take care of your incisions by keeping them try and clean – they will heal faster. Refrain from the workout and any lifting for at least one month.

    Liposuction risks and complications

    Liposuction is a very safe procedure, however, there are some complications that rarely occur. Some of them should be listed:

    • Scarring
    • Infection
    • Embolism
    • Swelling
    • Necrosis
    • Burns (with ultrasound)
    • Fluid imbalance

    Liposuction abroad

    If you are more questions about liposuction abroad, feel free to contact Medical Tourism Foundation.  We will find for you the best clinic and arrange your stay abroad.

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