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Mommy Makeover Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

Women after Mommy makover surgery PolandMommy makeover is an individually chosen combination of such plastic surgeries as liposuction, tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, breast enlargement, breast lift, and scar removal. It is dedicated to women who wish to regain their look from the time before childbirth and pregnancy. Mommy makeover makes women feel and look attractive, confident and beautiful again.

Benefits of mommy makeover abroad

Mommy makeover has a lot of benefits, which include:

  • weight loss
  • flat tummy
  • full breast
  • slim and proportional body
  • increased sense of self-worth
  • improved sexual life
  • more youthful body look
  • price of the combined surgeries is lower than when done separately
  • relatively short recovery time

Candidates for mommy makeover

In fact, there are no strict rules qualifying or disqualifying women for a mommy makeover. Nonetheless, the surgery is recommended mainly for women who:

  • gave birth to a child/children
  • have not been pregnant for at least 6 months
  • have not breastfed for at least 4 months
  • feel that their body (especially vagina, tummy, and breast) changed for worse after pregnancy

Mommy makeover – prices

The price of mommy makeover abroad depends on which surgeries are needed. The cost is always given individually to each woman. Still, the price for any combination of at least 2 surgeries is undoubtedly lower than the price for the same surgeries performed separately. In Poland, the price for tummy tuck + liposuction starts from 3 000 GBP or breast lift + tummy tuck from 4 800 GBP. Mommy makeover in Poland allows women to save even 70% of the money. The price for cheap mommy makeover Poland is much cheaper than e.g. in the UK, USA, Germany or Norway.

The procedure

The procedure looks differently depending on which surgeries are performed. In the majority of cases, mommy makeover consists of tummy tuck combined with breast implants or breast lift. Thanks to tummy tuck surgery, the muscles and skin on the stomach are stretched and the excess fat is removed. If the amount of fat is big, then the surgeon may recommend having liposuction also. Breast enlargement allows for achieving even 2-cup bigger size of breasts.Breasts can be also lifted or filled with fat so that they are just fuller having the same size. In Poland, you can choose between anatomical or round implants. You can be sure that before your surgery, the surgeon will explain to you in details the course of each procedure.


Before the surgery

  • do not take any blood thinning medications (e.g. Aspirin) 2 weeks before the procedure
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol 2 weeks before the surgery
  • you need to fast for 6 hours before blood tests and 8 hours before surgery
  • organize your family and work life for the next month when you will be recovering (take the leave, hire a babysitter, etc.)

Medical tests that need to be performed before mommy makeover

The medical tests include:

  • urine analysis
  • blood morphology
  • blood group
  • sedimentation rate
  • serum glucose
  • HBs and HCV
  • electrolytes level

Length of the procedure: 2-5 hours

Type of anesthesia applied: general

Stay in the clinic: 2 days (1 night)

Stay abroad: minimum 6 days, preferably 10-12 days

Return to work: about 2 weeks after surgery

The results of mommy makeover: permanent

After mommy makeover surgery

You should rest and keep hygiene. Also, for about 1 month after your mommy makeover abroad you should avoid tiring activities and lift heavy things. You will need to drink a lot of fluids and keep a balanced diet.

Possible risks and complications after mommy makeover

Mommy makeover is not dedicated to women who plan to have more children in the future.
The possible risks include:

  • bleeding
  • infections
  • difficulties with breastfeeding
  • breast asymmetry
  • scars

Mommy Makeover abroad

Your surgeon will advise you on the most suitable plastic surgeries which will provide you with the desired effects. We will make sure that you will have the surgery in a high-standard clinic and your surgeon will be an experienced professional. We will not only organize your surgery but also your flights and stay abroad. Do not hesitate to contact us and get your cheap mommy makeover abroad!


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