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Smart Lipo Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

measuring thigh after lipoSmart lipo is a modern alternative to the liposuction. It requires a laser beam that attacks fat cells. This technique is used in Europe since 2006.

Why is it beneficial?

  • Your body will heal fast
  • No big incisions or scars
  • Just the local anesthesia
  • Quick results
  • Short stay abroad

These are just a few of the strongest points, but there is more to know about smart lipo. If You are interested to hear about other benefits please contact our team.

Can You have smart lipo?

If You are less than 30 pounds over Your perfect weight and are generally healthy in the period of at least 6 months before the procedure than You can safely undergo SmartLipo. It is advisable to maintain the same weight for a year before the procedure.

How much is smart lipo?

In the United Kingdom, Germany or Scandinavia SmartLipo can cost thousands of pounds. Abroad the price starts from 1200 GBP and depends on the treated area. At the same time, the level of service is at least as good as in these countries. Polish surgeons often work in countries such as UK or Sweden and are greatly valued for their competence and skills.

How is it done

During the procedure, there is a little incision made. The surgeon puts cannula through there and puts a laser inside. This way he can point directly to the fatty cells and safely destroy them. The excessive fat will be drained from the body and incision will be closed.It all takes up to 2 hours and is done under the local anesthesia.

Before the surgery

Aspirin and other such medications can cause bleeding, so it is better to avoid it for at least 72 hours before the operation. Also, it is advisable to quit smoking for 2 weeks before. The best idea is to consult any taken medication with a doctor if You are uncertain if You should take it. Before the operation, You will meet Your surgeon and discuss all the procedure.

You will be asked to undergo medical tests such as:

  • blood morphology
  • blood group
  • serum glucose
  • SR
  • electrolytes levels
  • urine analysis
  • EKG (if You are older than 55)
  • HBs, HCV, HIV

After the smart lipo

You can leave the clinic in just a few hours after the operation. The whole duration of a stay abroad will be just 2-3 days. This is much shorter than with any liposuction or plastic surgery. 2 days after the operation, if You feel good, You can go back to work. After the operation, there will be no unnecessary pain and You should quickly go back to Your normal feeling of Your body.

Results of smart lipo procedure

The results will be seen immediately. You can spot that there is less fat in these areas. That said, you have to wait for full results to occur. The whole process will take 4-6 months for You to see the overall results. After that time Your body will be visibly toned down, slimmed and look healthier than before. For the first 1-2 months, You should avoid excessive movements such as sports. There is a risk of bruising, swelling and infection after the operation. To avoid that it is advisable to follow the doctor’s instructions and take care of Your incisions.

More questions?

Smart lipo is a comparatively new method, so You might have a few questions. You can call our consultants anytime if You want to know more about procedure, cost or doctors qualifications. We are happy to help at every stage of the procedure.

Leave your contact details here. We will explain to you treatment abroad step by step

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