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    Tummy Tuck Abroad - treatment, cost, before and after

    Today a lot of plastic surgeries are available to change your looks. In case of a huge weight loss, people often cannot get rid of the excess skin on their stomach. In such event, a tummy tuck is a perfect procedure. If you would like to learn more about the tummy tuck abroad, this article is just for you.

    Tummy tuck definition:

    Tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty. It is a type of plastic surgery, which is performed on the abdomen and aims to tighten loose skin and muscles. Tummy tuck is an excellent procedure for people, who feel that their skin is not tight enough or that your muscles are not how they used to be.

    Benefits of tummy tuck surgery:

    After any kind of plastic surgery you may (and should) expect some changes in your body. After tummy tuck abroad your abdomen will finally be tight, flat and you will get rid of the loose skin and fat. An additional benefit of the tummy tuck abroad is that you will say goodbye to stretch marks!

    Tummy tuck candidates

    Generally, the requirements to the candidates for a tummy tuck abroad are the same as to any other plastic surgery. Ideal patient should be no more than 25 pounds from his/her ideal body weight, has to be in good overall health and not suffer from any chronic diseases. In addition, before undergoing cheap tummy tuck you should sustain a stable weight for at least a year before the procedure.

    Tummy tuck prices

    Tummy tuck cost is highly dependant on the scope of the procedure, and has to be established in each case individually. In general, we can say that the price starts from 1700 GBP. We should underscore, that the price of the tummy tuck in Poland is much cheaper than, for instance, in Turkey or in the UK. If you would like to have your surgery done with the best professionals and in the lowest price, you should definitely contact us.







    1 700 GBP

    60 GBP

    240 GBP

    2 000 GBP


    2 200 GBP

    70 GBP

    160 GBP

    2 430 GBP


    2 500 GBP

    100 GBP

    240 GBP

    2 840 GBP

    Tummy tuck procedure:

    Tummy tuck abroad is done under general anesthetic. During the surgery, doctor makes an incision between the belly button and the pubic hair line. It’s size will vary from patient to patient, as it depends on the scope of the surgery, how much skin and fat is going to be removed. Once the incision is made, your surgeon will lift the skin and tighten the underlying muscles. Then the excess fat is removed. Lastly, your doctor will tighten the remaining skin and pull it down. Usually, a new belly button is also created. Once it is all fitted, he will close the cut, by using sutures, special tapes or clips.
    Before the tummy tuck surgery:
    Prior to any plastic surgery you should not take aspirin or any other similar medication. You should also refrain from alcohol for at least 72 hours, both before and after the surgery. Additionally, you cannot smoke cigarettes for 2 weeks before and after the procedure as well.

    Prior to the tummy tuck surgery, you will meet the surgeon for your personal consultation. You will discuss the details of your surgery and the expected results, doctor will also answer all of your questions.

    Required medical tests:

    Normally, before the surgery takes place the doctor will require standard medical tests, which include:

    • blood morphology
    • blood group
    • SR (sedimentation rate)
    • EKG (for patients over 55 y/o)
    • koagulogram (APTT, INR)
    • serum glucose
    • electrolytes levels
    • urine analysis
    • HBs, HCV
    • HIV

    All of the abovementioned tests can be performed in our clinic. You can also do them at your home country, however please remember that the results cannot be older than one month.

    Length of tummy tuck procedure:

    Tummy tuck abroad may vary in length hugely, as it depends on how much work needs to be done. Tummy tuck surgery sometimes can be an extensive procedure, so it may last anywhere between 2 and 5 hours. However, don’t worry, you will be asleep that whole time, so you will not feel anything.

    Type of anesthesia:

    Abdominoplasty abroad is always done under general anesthesia. During the procedure you will not feel any discomfort or pain. After the surgery, for a few days, you may feel sore. In such case, doctor will prescribe you proper medication.

    Stay in the clinic:

    When the surgery is finished, you will be taken to your own room in the clinic to rest. The next day you will have a check up with your surgeon, after which you can leave the clinic. After that you can rest at the hotel for a few days. In case of any emergency, our doctors are always at your disposal.

    Minimal stay for tummy tuck abroad:

    In general, we require our patients to stay abroad for at least 6 days. On the first day of your stay, you will have the medical tests performed. On the 2nd day, you will have the consultation with your doctor, which will be followed by the surgery. From the third day until the end of your stay, you will rest at the hotel to gain strength for your trip back home.

    Back to work:

    Tummy tuck abroad can be an extensive surgery, so you should remember that the healing time depends on the scope of the procedure. Coming back to work after the surgery also depends on what kind of job you have. If you have a desk job or any other, which does not require much physical activity, then you may come back to work 10 days after the procedure. You should remember to talk about it with your surgeon, as each case is different. Follow doctor’s recommendations and the results will be stunning.

    Tummy tuck results:

    You should know, that your tummy tuck results may not be visible straight away due to the swelling. After some recovery time, you will be able to clearly observe how your stomach is getting flatter and the muscles feel firmer. What is more, your whole body shape will change, which is also a great benefit, as the contour of your abdomen will be more proportional in relation to your whole silhouette.

    After the tummy tuck surgery:

    After undergoing the affordable tummy tuck abroad swelling of the stomach may occur. Most of the swelling is gone after 6 months, but the full results will be clearly visible one year after the surgery, when you are all healed. In cases of more extensive surgeries, your doctor may decide to install drains, which will collect blood and fluids. In general, the drains are taken out a few days after the surgery. After the procedure, you should also think about your posture. Up to a couple of weeks it is not usually advised to stand straight for a long time, due to the process of tightening the muscles and your incision site. You should also remember to take proper care of your scar. After your wound is closed, you should use creams and lotions twice a day for at least few months.

    Tummy tuck risks and complications:

    Every surgery performed under general anesthesia can lead to possible risks or complications. Before your cheap tummy tuck surgery, you should ask your surgeon about:

    • Pain
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Changes in skin sensation
    • Seroma
    • Infections
    • Scarring
    • Cardiac and pulmonary complications

    While you are meeting your doctor for the initial consultation, he will refer to all the risks and explain them in detail. But, you should not worry about it too much. Our surgeons have lots of experience and are very skillful, so the complications rarely happen.

    Tummy tuck abroad

    In case you are thinking about undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, you should think about coming abroad. In fact, Europe has become one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgeries or dental treatment. We work only with the best of the best, so our doctors are extremely qualified and work on the most modern equipment. Feel free to contact our Team, to book your surgery today!

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